SEO Copywriting Services: The Definitive Guide

SEO Copywriting Services: The Definitive Guide

This is the ultimate guide to SEO copywriting services. In this guide, you will learn the top reasons to hire an SEO copywriter and what to look for when hiring an SEO copywriting service to rapidly scale your business and blog in 2024.

Let’s start.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is creating content for websites that fulfills the dual purpose of:

A) Creating content that ranks on top of search engines to get qualified traffic on the site.

B) Converting the traffic generated from the content into business leads, customers, and product evangelists.

What is an SEO copywriting service?

The no.1 pillar of a content marketing plan is SEO content that nurtures the audience into buyers and also makes the site rank for the desired keywords. The best way to do this is by investing in SEO copywriting services. 

What does an SEO copywriter do?

An SEO copywriting service or an SEO copywriter creates content (and optimizes the existing content) to make it rank on search engines like Google, Bing, etc., while simultaneously structuring the content with persuasive triggers to make site visitors turn into leads and customers of your product. 

A high-quality SEO copywriting service would create and design your content to make it fit hand in glove with SEO, while also making the content conversion-focused and highly shareable.

Why hire professional SEO copywriting services?

Hiring professional SEO copywriting services will help you in scaling your business to top rankings on Google and get your business a surge of high-quality leads and sales. 

Here are 21 reasons why you should hire professional SEO copywriting services:

These 21 points will clearly establish how hiring professional SEO copywriting services will maximize your revenue while building your brand reputation and authority.

1. High-quality SEO copywriting services will make your content stand out among competitors.

A graphic with text saying that hiring an SEO copywriter makes your content stand out.

Hiring a professional SEO copywriter will give your content instant quality leverage and make you stand out as a brand among a sea of generic content.

2. They will make you get top-ranking positions on Google.

A graphic with text saying that hiring an SEO copywriting service can help you make your content rank on top of Google.

Hiring professional SEO copywriting services will make your content be found on Google and secure top-ranking positions for lucrative keywords in your industry.

3. Professional SEO copywriting services will convert site visitors into leads and sales.

A graphic with text saying that hiring an SEO copywriting service can help you make your content convert site visitors into leads and sales.

Hiring an SEO copywriting service will help you implement persuasion triggers in your content to convert website visitors into leads and customers for your business.

4. SEO copywriting services will help you identify and capitalize on opportunities present in your industry.

A graphic with text saying that hiring an SEO copywriting service can help you in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities in your industry

Hiring the right SEO copywriting services will enable you to scan the industry for blue ocean opportunities. A good SEO copywriting research team will help you unearth blue ocean opportunities in the form of keywords that have high traffic volume but low competition.

5. They will create content that targets different stages of buyer awareness.

A graphic with text saying that hiring an SEO copywriting service can help you create content targeting different stages of buyer awareness

The right SEO copywriting services team will help you create a focused and concentrated content plan that is strategically aligned with your company goals. A high-quality SEO Copywriting service will create a content plan that targets all stages of buyer awareness and nurtures them into customers and brand evangelists.

6. They will make you the word of authority and the epicenter of all things related to your industry.

A graphic with text saying that hiring an SEO copywriting service can help you create content that makes you a thought leader and word of authority in your industry.

Hiring SEO copywriting services will enable your company to create consistently high-quality content. This will make your brand the word of authority in your niche. Selecting a good SEO copywriting service will enable you to consistently create definitive long-form content. This will make your content the epicenter for all things related to your industry. This will make your brand name synonymous with your industry, thus enabling the rapid scaling of your brand.

7. They will increase the average session time and lower the bounce rate of your site.

A graphic with text saying that hiring an SEO copywriting service can help you increase the average session tiem on your blog and reduce bounce rate.

Hiring a top-rated SEO copywriting service will help you implement systems in your content that increases the sessions of your target audience. This will push you to higher rankings and better conversion numbers.

8. They will provide you with questionnaires that will help market your product to maximum impact.

A graphic with text saying that hiring an SEO copywriting service can help your business by providing you with a questionnaire that will help you market your product better and find a product-market fit.

A top-quality SEO copywriting service usually starts by providing questionnaires to their clients that help them understand the product better. They include questions about the product, its benefits, features, USPs, the existing competition, and more.

9. SEO copywriting services will help you tell better stories with your product.

A graphic with text saying that hiring an SEO copywriting service will help you tell better stories with your product.

A professional SEO copywriter will craft compelling stories from your product, making your audience feel connected and invested with your brand. They will do this by connecting your product and content with the needs and aspirations of your target audience.

10. They will write high-converting headlines and meta descriptions for your content.

A graphic with text saying that hiring an SEO copywriting service will help you create high-converting headlines and meta descriptions for your content.

Hiring the right SEO copywriting service will help you create high-converting headlines for your brand, leading to more clicks and eyeballs on your product/offer. A professional SEO copywriter knows how to create benefit-driven headlines that generate intrigue and curiosity. Couple it with their knowledge of writing meta descriptions that perform well on Google, and you have a win-win combination.

11. They know how to format your content to make it perform on SERPs.

A graphic with text stating that hiring an SEO copywriting service will help you format your content to make it rank on Google.

This is an art that most content writers ignore. You see, it is simply not just about creating content. It is about creating and formatting content in a way the SERPs love. A good SEO copywriting service will format your content to make it human-readable, conversational, and interactive.

12. They will create content aiming for the transformation of the reader.

A graphic with text stating that hiring an SEO copywriting service will help you achieve the transformation of your audience.

In 2024, SEO is all about giving value and adding maximum information that moves the needle of transformation for the reader. A good SEO copywriter will create content that moves the user from point A of pain to point B of solution. 

They will cover all aspects of a given topic, making your content the one-stop-shop for all things related to your industry. This will again improve the sticky factor of your site, lower the bounce rate, and increase session time. All this ultimately leads to higher rankings.

13. They know how to optimize your content for featured snippets.

A graphic with text stating that hiring an SEO copywriting service will help you optimize your content for featured snippets.

A talented web copywriter knows how to craft and design your content to get the coveted rank zero or featured snippets position. They know how to use H1-H2 tags to craft your content to be featured as snippets on page 1 of Google.

14. They know the right word count to make your content rank on Google.

A graphic with text stating that hiring an SEO copywriting service will help you optimize your article for the right word count in order to make it rank on Google.

Hiring an SEO copywriting service will mean you are investing in their knowledge of SEO to make you rank on Google. This means they will know all the advanced nuances that an ordinary writer might not possess. A big part of this is knowing the average word count that will make your content rank. 800-1000 words do not cut it anymore. For a website to rank for desired keywords and increase domain authority, they need to create long-form content pieces that cover a topic in vivid detail with unique examples and angles. They need to cover all aspects of a given topic in the most detailed way possible. The minimum length of a content piece should be 2500 words.

15. A good SEO copywriter knows how to do internal and external linking of content.

A graphic with text stating that hiring an SEO copywriting service will help you optimize your content for internal and external links.

The SEO copywriter who operates with a value-based mindset will know exactly where to insert links for further reference. He will know where to add links to your site (internal links) and where to add links to other authority content pieces on the web (external links). The main objective of linking is to assist further reading of your site visitor.

16. Hiring an SEO copywriting service will help you uncover your competitor’s content strategy and take advantage of their gaps.

A graphic with text stating that hiring an SEO copywriting service will help you identify your competitor's strategy and find SEO opportunities.

A good SEO copywriter knows that research is key to winning in SERPs. They will look into your competitor’s websites and see what keywords they are ranking for and where they have left gaps for improvement. Next, your SEO copywriter will take advantage of these opportunities and create content that fills these gaps.

SEO Copywriter Pro Tip: Another pro-level thing that a top-quality SEO copywriter will do is notice the top keywords the competitor is ranking for that have low competition. Next, he will list them down and create long-form content on the same topics for your blog. This will improve your chances of ranking faster.

17. They know how to write title tags, alt tags, and more.

A graphic with text stating that hiring an SEO copywriting service will help you optimize your content for title tags, alt tags, and more.

An SEO copywriting service will help you optimize all your content with the right tags. This will help you get the maximum value from your content. They will optimize the title and image tags with the right keywords and phrases to help you drive the most traffic to your site.

18. An SEO copywriter knows how to maintain keyword density and keep it contextual.

A graphic with text stating that hiring an SEO copywriting service will help you maintain optimal keyword density and keep the keywords contextual for better performance on Google.

Keyword stuffing is a rookie mistake most content writers make. It just sounds abnormal and unnatural. Great SEO is all about adding value to your content and make the keywords appear contextually in the piece to assist the objective of transformation.

19. They will focus on white hat techniques that prioritize the long-form performance and benefits for your website and brand

A graphic with text stating that hiring an SEO copywriting service will ensure that your content practices are purely white hate and thus maintain long-term health of your content.

A respected SEO copywriting service will never indulge in low-level tactics to make you rank on Google. They are risky, unethical, and a business nightmare that you should avoid at all costs. Real SEO is all about thinking long-term and investing in building a formidable content brand that gets you automated leads and sales for years to come. A good SEO company will focus on making you the media authority in your niche.

20. They will optimize and improve your existing pages and make them traffic-worthy.

A graphic with text stating that hiring an SEO copywriting service will help you optimize your existing page and make them traffic-worthy.

They will look into your site and see opportunities within your existing content. In particular, they will look for errors and gaps in your titles, meta descriptions, and content, optimizing them wherever required. All this will lead to your website being in tune with what the SERPs love.

21. They will proofread and grammar-check your article for advanced errors.

A graphic with text stating that hiring an SEO copywriting service will ensure that your copy is proofread and grammar-checked.

There are a lot of advanced errors like passive voice misuse, sentence structuring, and other faults that often go unnoticed in regular grammar checks. A good SEO copywriting service will have systems and tools in place to check your content for such advanced errors. 

In other words, a professional SEO copywriter has a hawk-eye system for spotting grammar mistakes. They have an innate inclination towards sounding natural and conversational with their content.

Now you know the key reasons to hire an SEO copywriting service.

Next, let’s see how to hire a professional SEO copywriter by listing the key traits to look for.

14 qualities of a great SEO copywriting service

Look for these 14 qualities, skills, and traits while hiring SEO copywriting services for your business:

These are the special SEO copywriting skills that distinguish an exceptional SEO copywriter and SEO Copywriting service from an average content writer.

1. In-depth knowledge about keyword research

The right SEO copywriter has in-depth knowledge of keywords and knows the right recipe for keyword density concerning a content piece.

A good SEO copywriter would deep dive into the main keywords across your niche and also the top-performing keywords for each competitor site. Based on that, they will create a list of keywords that dominate your industry.

After that, they need to double down on this by finding keywords with high traffic volume and low competition. 

In our SEO Agency, we call this the Golden Keywords System. Here we use top tools like Ahrefs and SERanking to find keyword opportunities with high traffic but comparatively low competition. 

Think about these keywords as low-hanging fruits that can bring you traffic quickly.

Targeting for these keywords makes your content rank faster and gets you easy traffic for your blog.

2. Access to premium SEO toolkit

If you want to hire a high-quality SEO copywriting service, make sure they are acquainted with the usage of premium SEO tools. In particular, make sure they possess the know-how to get the most out of them. 

This will be critical to bringing you results. SEO is not about guesswork but the actual application of research to make your content rank and get you leads.

In our agency, we use a series of premium SEO tools like Ahrefs, SERanking, Moz, and iSpionage to gather critical insights and cross-verify them based on data acquired from these multiple sources. Next, we have created a system of SOPs and parameters that help us get the maximum out of these tools. 

I am talking about hidden data like high traffic-low competition keywords and low competition keywords bringing a ton of traffic for your competitors.  

Also, tools like iSpionage help in revealing your competitor’s marketing funnel. In particular, they reveal your competition’s Google ads strategy and landing page samples. You can use it to understand their copy strategy.

In conclusion, by using these systems, you can swipe your competitor’s entire marketing strategy and use it for yourself.

3. Knowledge about the right application of Keywords

Great keyword research is only half the battle won. Next, you need to use it strategically to yield the maximum results. A good SEO copywriter will know how to correctly use keywords without committing the cardinal sin of keyword stuffing.

In our Content Marketing agency, we deep dive into the hidden features of top SEO tools (and some lesser-known gems) to come up with keyword opportunities. We double down on it by producing content that makes the keywords appear contextually within the content. A lot of newbie SEOs make the mistake of just randomly stuffing the keyword multiple times in the article without it making sense in terms of meaning or even grammar. That needs to be avoided at all costs. Google is way smarter than what a rookie SEO thinks.  

Writing great content and making the keywords appear naturally is the single most sureshot way to keyword optimization in 2021 and beyond.

Next, we make sure that the keyword was strategically injected into the title tags, meta description alt tags, and permalinks.

4. Ability to create engaging long-form content 

If you are serious about getting ranked on Google, the old standard of 800-1000 words simply does not cut it. It might still work for keywords with low competition or for an older site with high domain authority, but in most cases, this simply would not work. 

A good SEO copywriter needs to be proficient in creating long-form content that covers a topic in the most comprehensive way possible. Your site needs to have information covering all aspects of a particular topic in great length and detail. The content should be equipped with multiple modes of consumption, like video and illustrative examples to hammer the point home. 

Think about it this way. When a user searches for a query, they are looking for articles that comprehensively explain all aspects related to that query. Ever wondered why Wikipedia articles do so well? Now you know.

Think of making your site into the Wikipedia of your niche. Creating content like this will make your site the word of authority and the industry mouthpiece.

In our SEO agency, we regularly create long-form content (like our personal branding guide) using Brian Dean’s skyscraper technique.

Here’s how we do it:

1. We pick a topic and note all the top keywords related to the topic. We use Ahrefs and SERanking to achieve this.

2. We research the SERPs for all the top-ranking articles for keywords related to the topic. We note their article length, the questions/sub-topics they are covering, etc. 

3. Next, we create articles optimized for the same keyword with more content than any of the existing competition in the niche. We double down on content by answering more questions and going more in-depth on each sub-topic with new angles and illustrative examples.

Pro SEO copywriter growth hack – You can enter your keyword in a tool called This will give you intel like the average word count of top-ranking articles for that topic, the main questions covered by these articles, and quick summaries of each content piece. You can then use it to cover all these questions in your article, powering it up with more insights and examples. Using this tool, we have optimized our results even more.

We aimed at posting some of the most valuable content pieces on the internet. We have some of the most in-depth guides on personal branding and free business tools available on the internet today. This makes our content the hub for all the search queries related to the main keyword. Using the same technique, we created comprehensive articles that answer all aspects of a particular topic. This makes the user stick to our site. 

The content acts as a one-stop-shop for all the queries related to the topic. This lowers the bounce rate and gives transformational value to the user. This, in turn, makes the content do great for SEO and also converts the user into a subscriber.

5. Ability to create high-converting Headlines that increase click-through rate 

Wisemen say not to judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, the same does not apply on the internet. No matter how good your content is, if you do not have a headline that generates curiosity and addresses a thriving need, you are not going to get your clicks. The lower your CTR, the worse will be your SEO rankings.

Headlines are what attracts your audience towards your content initially. You must create headlines that generate emotions and make the user click to read your content.

Create headlines that include the following elements:

1) Benefit-driven

2) Curiosity generating

3) Addresses a specific pain point (needs, wants, fears, desires)

4) Includes the keyword in the title (as early as possible)

In our agency, we studied over 2000 Medium content pieces to create an in-house headline swipe file. We use this in-house swipe file to repeatedly generate high CTR generating articles both for our blogs and for our clients.

6. Expertise in creating multiple modes of content consumption

Everyone will not consume your content in the same way. Some of your visitors might be voracious readers, while others will prefer the visual medium. 

A good SEO copywriter needs to aim and produce different types of content for different sets of your audience.  

The 3 main types of content your SEO copywriter should look to produce are:

  1. Written long-form content
  2. A video presentation based on the content (can be a talking head video, a PowerPoint presentation video, or a BuzzFeed style text-to-video upload, among others)
  3. An infographic based on the article
  4. Content cards highlighting the main point of your content.
  5. A text-to-speech audio file narrating the article.

The end goal of creating multiple modes of consumption is to increase the session time of site visitors and make them stay on the site, thus improving session time. 

We typically create 2-3 multimedia content pieces to support our main article. This usually includes infographics, explainer videos, and audio content. This is done to appeal to different segments of our audience base, particularly those who prefer the visual or audiovisual medium over the written word.

Once again, the end goal is to improve the sticky factor of our site/client site. When a person sticks on your site and goes through the video or the infographic, it makes the site session longer and reduces the bounce rate. This, in turn, improves the SEO for the site.

To find out more about how we can rank your content on page 1 of Google using multimedia systems, book a call with me by filling this short form.

7. Ability to blend the skills of SEO and copywriting triggers

A great SEO strategy will make your content rank on top of Google, but it may not necessarily move the needle of growth. For that, you need persuasive copywriting triggers in your content that influence your reader to commit the desired action (sign up for your newsletter, purchase a product, etc.).

In the modern digital world, where most of the selling happens online, you cannot see SEO and copywriting as separate entities. Still, your average SEO or copywriter sees SEO and copy as separate entities, independent of each other.

You might have heard about SEO-focused writing and copywriting-focused content creation. But usually, experts and freelancers use the term in silos. They use them as separate entities, independent of each other. 

This is the reason why most SEO or copywriting freelance services fail to deliver the results. They just focus on 1 aspect and completely let go of the other.

In the modern attention-based world, SEO and copywriting cannot exist without each other. 

In our SEO copywriting services, we combine SEO and copywriting.

 We offer a content service that catches the attention and interest of the reader. We address their pain points while injecting the content with the right density of keywords and search queries. This way, it is easily found on search by people who are looking to solve that pain point.

8. Efficiency in creating onboarding questions

Whenever hiring SEO copywriting services, make sure that they are asking you a series of probing questions about your business and the industry you are operating in. Ideally, a good SEO copywriter will have a series of onboarding questions about your product. They will have questions about 

a) The USP of your product

b) Its past performance

c) What marketing strategy worked before

d) What marketing strategy did not work

e) Main competitors 

And more.

These questions will help declutter your brand messaging.

We create a pre-project onboarding form where we put a series of questions about the product we are writing about, its USP, questions about the competitors, and so on. We list a series of tested questions that we have formed after 5+ years of working from the trenches of the SEO copywriting industry. These questions probe everything that a user wants to know about the product and the brand. These are the aspects that will make a site visitor convert into a customer or subscriber for your business.

9. Knowledge about the 4 stages of buyer awareness.

SEO Copywriting has a lot to do with user intent and which stage of buyer awareness you are targeting.

Here are the 4 stages of buyer awareness:

1) Unaware – The user is unaware of the problem.

2) Problem aware – The buyer knows about the problem but does not know about solutions available in the market.

3) Solution aware – The buyer is aware of the problem and also aware of the different solutions in the market. 

4) Product aware – The buyer is aware of the problem and aware of the solutions, including your product as a possible solution to the problem.

 If you want to target an audience that is problem aware, start by creating content that talks about the problem, and then give your product as a proposed solution to that problem. 

If the segment is solution aware, you can create content that compares the different solutions available in the market and compare it with the solution achieved by your product. Ideally, lay down the advantages of the solutions delivered by your product over other competitors.

Finally, if they are product aware, it means they know about your product and are waiting for a deal or offer to come from you. Create content based on offer announcements and limited-time deals.

A good SEO copywriter or content marketer will create content catering to all 4 segments.

The SEO copywriter will nurture them through the different stages of the funnel they are in and ultimately make them repeat customers. 

So, all 4 segments are equally important. You cannot simply jump to cater to product-aware people and create content only for them. In this way, you are not generating enough awareness around your product to people who face the problem you solve, thus losing out on hot new customers that are now going to your competitors.

10. Ability to format the right arrangement of content

The content needs to be arranged in a way that addresses and solves the pressing needs of your target audience. 

Here’s one of the best formats for writing a great SEO optimized article –

  1. Start with the problem your audience is facing and highlight its importance
  2. Bring in the solution
  3. Back it with data (if it is available)
  4. Give exact steps/strategies the audience needs to go through or perform to solve the problem
  5. End with a Call-to-action to sign up for your newsletter, book a demo, meeting, etc.

Here’s an example to demonstrate the format.

Let’s say you have a lead generation company. So, you will start with the problem at hand about businesses not being able to generate leads to fill their bottom line. Next, you will talk about how important it is to generate consistent leads and how crucial it is for the ongoing survival of a business. 

Next, you will introduce the solution, in the form of x no. of tips/strategies/steps to generate leads. If possible, back up the usefulness of the tips with data from your own business. This will generate additional curiosity and hook them more towards the solution. 

Next, give them the solution in the form of a listicle containing the steps/strategies. 

Finally, give them the next step of taking it further by asking them to sign up for your newsletter or consider your Done-For-You service by booking a demo.

This kind of content has generated the maximum leads for us at The Starting Idea.

Now, there are other great formats based on what you want to talk about. For example, if it is a case study or a tool demo, the format will be different. But for a pure value-based post, the listicle format works great.

11. Ability to create a human-readable content style

What’s the no.1 pet peeve that people have with academic papers?

They are unbearable to read. Big long paragraphs with jargon, they are snobbish by the very looks of it. Do not be a snob when you are trying to sell your product and build your brand. Hire an SEO copywriter that operates with the mindset of making every online touchpoint as human-friendly as possible. 

In terms of SEO Copywriting, start by creating human readable content. This means content that is written in simple English and free of any jargon. Yes, an ideal SEO copywriter should unlearn all the big fancy words that they learned in grammar school. In the world of SEO copywriting, it will sink your marketing ship before you have even set sail.

Next, the SEO copywriter should avoid long, tedious paragraphs at all costs. They should make the content easily scannable by creating 2-3 line paragraphs. It makes the content easy to consume.

Finally, the SEO copywriter needs to divide your content into various sections within the article and highlight each section with a heading written in bold, darkened letters. 

In a world of short attention span, doing this makes your content easily readable without investing much time and effort.

12. The right SEO copywriting service will create a conversational and relatable tone for better SEO

Do you know what content works the best today? Content that mimics your way of speaking. An SEO copywriter needs to be as human as possible with your content. Ideally, look for someone that can inject your brand tonality in each content piece he creates. They need to inject your emotions, jokes, and your manner of speaking into every piece they create. Also, to spice things up and make it interactive, your content needs to throw questions to your audience and incentivize the reader to comment on the piece.

Creating a conversational style makes the user forge a relationship with your content and brand. They feel a welcome change from the usual monotony of other sites that solely focus on keyword stuffing. 

Creating a conversational style makes the user invest emotionally with your content and engages them to read further, holding their attention throughout the piece. Asking them to comment and share their opinions also makes them invested as a community.

All this makes them more likely to convert and turn into a subscriber and customer for your brand.

Also, aim to make the content relatable. 

How to make the content relatable, you say?

Well, a good article writer should start by talking about the pressing pain points that your audience is suffering from and be descriptive about it. 

Elite copywriters always follow the rule of expressing the customer’s problem better than they can. You need to express what is the no.1 thing in your customer’s mind that’s giving him sleepless nights. This makes the customer say – YES! This person gets me! 

Realizing this, they will be more inclined to buy from you. 

Next, your SEO copywriter needs to plug in your origin story and demonstrate how you had the same problem and how you overcame it with a solution. 

Next, the SEO copywriter needs to present your solution through tips, strategies, and case studies.

Finally, the SEO Copywriter needs to feature your product as the solution that encompasses all the tips and strategies into a fruitful conclusion.

Making the content relatable makes the user feel the person behind the words, with emotions and aspirations just like theirs.

13. Ability to yield the transformation of the reader

Your article writer should write content that aims for the transformation of the reader. In other words, your content should make the site visitor go from point A of pain to Point B, where he gets the solution. 

Let me explain.

Imagine a person who wants to know about the best computer table in the market. This means the audience is in Point A of pain, searching for the best computer table in the market. The job of the SEO copywriter should be to create high-value content that solves this specific need of the user. 

They can create an article where you list down the best tips and strategies for selecting a computer table. They can list down the various types of computer tables based on nuanced needs, the kind of features to look for, etc. 

They need to create content that helps the audience and becomes their best guide in getting towards the right option. 

Doing this will have 2 decisive effects. 

1) Your content will do great in terms of SEO as you are following the primary rule of SEO – Help your audience in the most comprehensive and decisive way possible.

2) Your brand equity will rise, as people will trust your brand more after getting such high-quality information from your site.

At the end of the piece, you can then plug your product in as the go-to option based on all the features and qualities you listed throughout the article.

(Note – Your article writer should aim to create ultimate guides and long-form listicles that solve all the problems of your user. A quick hack is to take the help of Google search and see the FAQs that people have. Just see sections like – ‘People also ask’ and Searches related to on the Google search page.)

The best way to do this is by starting with the actual meat of the content, i.e., the main tips/strategies. The SEO copywriter needs to give strategies and ideas that are helpful to the reader.

Next, make sure they fill the content with multiple examples, experiments, and demonstrations. All this will assist your content hit the point more.

Doing this simplifies the concept even further and makes the content more understandable. Remember, the ultimate point of SEO Copywriting is to make the content the most comprehensive piece that is available in the market. 

For example (see what I did there?), if your article talks about using a particular marketing tool, why not demonstrate some features of it by a GIF or screen recording? This demonstration makes the user solve his specific problem in his mind by seeing the problem being solved by your demonstration. This creates trust, further interest, and more approval of the product in the minds of the user, thus improving your SEO and funnel conversions.

14. Efficiency in detecting advanced grammar errors

Make sure your SEO copywriter uses a tool like Grammarly premium and has a consistent score of 90+ on the tool. This kind of writer is perfect for your SEO copywriting needs.

An infographic listing the top 14 things to look for when hiring an SEO copywriting service.




Here’s an infographic listing the top 14 things to look for when hiring SEO copywriting services.

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6) Blue Ocean Content Research: Using the power of search intent and potential link baiting, we list out content types that will drive revenue-generating traffic and get a ton of organic backlinks from other authority sites in your industry.

7) Blue Ocean Competitor Analysis: We use our blue ocean competitor analysis to find top keywords with low competition that your competitor is ranking for.

8) Creating Human Readable Articles: We will create SERP-friendly, human-readable articles with high Flesch Kincaid scoring. We will use the nuances of SEO copywriting to maximum effect to create conversational pieces, applying the triggers of trust, authority, curiosity, and persuasion. Additionally, we will aim to give more information and unique angles than any other competitor in our client’s niche.

9) SEO optimization: We will use our internal SEO checklist that has helped made us rank for 2100 keywords, to optimize your content for top rankings on Google.

10) Images – We make it a point to add relevant images and GIFs that express and explain the article visually. We also add annotations wherever applicable to drive the point further home.

11) Videos – We convert the articles we write for our clients into a Text-to-Video multimedia asset. This increases the session time of a site visitor and lowers the bounce rate by giving them multiple modes of consumption.

12) Infographics – We assist the content by creating beautiful and memorable infographics that graphically illustrate your point. The infographics we use are tested to be sticky in your site visitor’s memory, thus increasing your brand value.

13) Text-to-speech article – We give your users the option to listen to your entire content piece with Audiobook-styled AI voiceovers (latest SEO hack for 2024).

14) Grammar optimized – We use premium software tools to create the most grammar optimized content in your niche. 

15) Editing – If after the content deep-dive questionnaire and content outline, you still find a certain aspect missing, we are happy to offer 2 free rounds of edits not exceeding 40% of the entire article.

16) Conversion triggers formula – We use our result-proof-solution-incentive method along with CTA seeding to generate the maximum no. of qualified leads from your content piece.

17) Organized delivery – One more thing we are known for is our timely delivery of output. We love deadlines and expect clear and organized communication from both sides.

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