Attention entrepreneurs…

What if you could get all the latest marketing and business strategies, tools and resources arranged in one place?

Hi, I am Abhik, Founder of The Starting Idea and I started this journey to achieve exactly that.

You see, when I started my first business back in 2014, I was constantly searching for resources and tools I need to start and grow my business. I was attending conferences, meetups, spending hours on google reading blogs and subscribing to countless newsletters.

The result

I was spending countless hours looking for info and tools rather than taking actual action. Also, a lot of the information was either half-baked or just elementary level knowledge.

The meetups were full of beginners and novices…

The so-called “mentors” were preaching about results they themselves didn’t have…

And the internet itself was filled with randomly arranged information filled with fluff advice.

Not exactly the kind of sources you will rely your business on, right?

I wanted actual actionable strategies on how to grow a business, but what I got instead was a learning curve that was crooked and even outright wrong.

All of this led to constant blind spots and guesswork in my business, leading to complete failure.

It was at this time that I decided to follow a new approach.

Here’s what I did
I made a playbook of my Dream 100 Entrepreneurs – a complete strategy and tactic handbook of the top entrepreneurs of the world that I look up to.
Apart from including the mindset and entrepreneurship tactics of billionaire entrepreneurs like Bezos and Steve Jobs, I also did something very special.
You see, I made a key effort in listing the world’s topmost entrepreneurs who were raking in 100s of millions of dollars in revenue without going public or having venture-backed funds.
That’s because I wanted to study and master the level of tactical ingenuity, growth hacking strategies, and positioning they used to get to this level without any outside support.
I dedicatedly mapped out each of their strategies, noted all the actual tools they were using in growing their businesses and reverse engineered their growth hacks.
The result of my learnings
I started understanding entrepreneurship both at a higher level and a granular level. I knew which strategy and tool to apply for each aspect of my business growth. My business quadrupled and I got myself on a lot of major media platforms.
I have listed out all my strategies and growth hacks in a playbook which I send out as a newsletter series called the Growth Club.
What’s more? The membership is completely FREE.
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