Business Consulting with Abhik Shome

I will give you straightforward, no-nonsense, actionable advice on how to grow your brand & business for maximum leads & sales without wasting time and capital on strategies that do not work.

This will not be a session about long drawn theories, finding your inner “WHY” or any other broad fluffy advice.

Instead, it will be a full blown, one-hour long strategy session filled to the brim with perfected growth strategies on doing exactly what works to save you from years of agony and shorten your path to business growth.



If you are looking to cut off years from your learning curve and jump straight to exact strategies that yield maximum results customized to your niche, then a strategy call with Abhik is what you need.

A letter from Abhik:

I am making myself available to you so that you can get one on one coaching on how to maximize your business in these times of marvelous opportunities.

This opportunity will not last forever as the competition will be too high to manage in the future.

To ensure that you succeed you need to take action NOW and solidify your positioning so that you become future proof. Use my strategy session to learn how to do all this and more.

Do not book a call if you want to spend time procrastinating over strategies that do not work or want to keep making the same mistakes that are creating mental blocks inside you.

Commit mistakes like blowing up the opportunities, overlooking readily available growth factors and permanently damaging your lead generation.

When you do not get the results and returns you were hoping for in exchange for your sleepless nights, it might be time to consider a better way.

Book a call if you value your time and want to get straightforward solutions for your business challenges.

Get the session if you want to remove your business mental blocks by equipping yourself with actual strategies and tools that work in 2020.

The strategies and plan of action I share comes from real experience working on the trenches of online marketing and dealing with the latest tools and innovations every single day.

That, combined with being mentored for over 8+ years myself by top internet marketers and business experts, gives me a very unique view about what it takes to grow a business today, how to get attention and eyeballs for your brand, pivot and turn your losses into building blocks of success.

Save yourself from years of failure, sleepless nights, countless moments of trials and tribulation by doing what works best in strategic selling, positioning, branding, product growth, and lead generation.


You get a block of time where Abhik will use his growth marketing skills and experience to create a custom solution for all your challenges.

Following the call, you will get an audio recording of the strategy session along with notes, relevant links, templates, checklists, and other things referenced on the call with actionable steps to get results.


After you purchase the strategy session, you will get a invite to select a time option that suits you. In order to prepare for the call and get the maximum out of it, you will need to have the following handy:

  • Your current monthly and yearly revenue
  • Monthly Expenditure
  • Details on current sales funnel and digital strategy
  • Challenges you are facing right now
  • 3 objectives/goals for the call that you would like help with

Also, please make sure you are free of distractions. That’s it.

Abhik will do the rest.

Following the call, you will get an audio recording of the conversation along with notes, relevant links, templates, and other things referenced on the call with actionable steps.


How to find where your most suitable clients are hanging out and actively looking for services in your niche.

How to impress these clients before you even talk to them or do any work for them.

How to get your ideal clients to pay you 5-10 times the amount you are charging right now and make them into repeat customers.

How to close your clients (by building and restructuring your cold outreach campaigns).

How to differentiate your brand from all the noise instantly.

How to be an authority in your niche and an influential voice in your industry.

How to make your content go viral for free.

How to stay laser focused and achieve 4 to 5 times your current output every single day.

How to use the rule of 5 to get maximum out of every business operation.

How to use the smart work rule to create one piece of content and 10x its outreach.

How to use the ATP method to get endless content ideas within 15 minutes for free.

How to use your site as an automated lead generation machine.

How to use the lead thinking mindset to automatically generate leads from every aspect of your online and offline social presence (make your social media profiles, emails and live talks, generate leads for you automatically).

Also, learn about free and affordable tools that you never knew existed and can troubleshoot your problems in a faster and smarter way. Like:

The one tool I use to get expert level info for FREE without listening to podcasts, Google or YouTube search.

The two FREE Tools that will give you the best performing ads of the last century, use it to be a ninja level copywriter in no time.

The one FREE tool that will automatically create stunning videos from your existing content.

The three FREE tools to get endless content ideas.

The one lesser known FREE Tool to get instant attention and have journalists quote you as an expert in your field.

And that’s not all.

You will also get a set of power bonuses that will help you address all the major future growth challenges. They are designed after surveying 1000+ growth club members full of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and consultants.

Here they are:

The Endless Content Generator

How to keep coming up with strategic laser-focused content ideas that get your clients & customers (never shoot blanks after equipping yourself with this).

The Content Repurposing Machine

Use this system to quickly repurpose a single piece of content and use it in multiple channels.

This will not be a session full of general information. This will be a deep dive into your business giving you solutions based on your exact challenges, using the growth recipe that works best in 2020. 

Be among the top 1% business owners that know the secret sauce of tech and strategy that is nuanced for growth in 2020.


As good as it sounds, this consultation is NOT for everyone.

Here is who it is for:

  • Business coaches, consultants, and experts
  • SaaS Founders
  • Blog owners
  • E-commerce Founders
  • E-commerce Founders
  • Mobile App Founders

Also, you must have a credible service and be coachable to follow directions.

So if you fit into this criteria and are an action taker, then let’s take this forward and get started.


Abhik is outstanding!

“Abhik is one of the few great marketers that I have met on my journey. In my 20 years of being in the sector, Abhik stands out as someone that understands what the “secret sauce” is in branding & marketing. He executes well on blending marketing & branding and puts forth a strategic plan that shows an ROI.”

Ari Zoldan

Thank You!

“Thank you for your hands on reaction times and range of ideas, inspiration, tools and so much more.”

Menno H.

Amazing hack!

“Amazing hack it is. Putting it to work right away, exactly what I need now to nail the remaining part of April goals like I did for March. Thanks for sharing.”

Amos O.

His content and advice pieces have been seen and featured in

Certified by Digital Marketer 

Millionaire industry leaders & influencers find value from his content

It’s not high-level talk. Abhik believes in going in the trenches and delivering actionable results. Here are some examples:

First Rank on Google Search Engine

Conversion Rate Optimization

Doubled our subscriber’s number in a single month

100 subscribers in 2 days

Organic Reach Success Using Viral Tools

Creating copy that acts like an industry magnet getting 100s of engagement signals

Paid Reach Using Hidden Traffic Sources

Regular Feature on Medium’s official Newsletter “Medium Daily Digest”

An infographic highlighting our notable achievements (by the numbers)


Abhik Shome is the Founder of The Starting Idea, a business growth magazine focused on giving fast-paced actionable strategies to help busy entrepreneurs shorten their path to growth.

He also heads Brand Bridge Solutions, a leading web design, and conversion marketing agency with 5+ years of experience working with top international clients across Europe and U.S.

His content and advice pieces have been featured in mainstream media outlets like Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, Inc ASEAN, Influencive, & YourStory, and focuses on marketing tech, entrepreneurship, lead generation, and personal branding.

He has recently authored “Skyrocket Growth: 430+ Free Business Tools To Grow Your Business”.

His blogs and articles have been shared and appreciated by top industry experts including Larry Kim, Founder of Wordstream & Mobile Monkey.


Worth thousands of dollars

“Get help from Abhik if you want to grow your business with the latest growth systems and strategies!!!

Abhik is a one of a kind expert that can help you grow your business using proven strategies that nobody is willing to share. His abundant mindset to grow through collaborations, not competitiveness will SET you apart! Are you ready to take your business to the next level???

I met Abhik on FB when he generously shared with us his useful tool. I also signed up for his e-mail and has been getting quality resources that would help my business grow and take it to the next level. I was ready to accept and implement! I was so fascinated by his tools and his level of expertise that I reached out to him to learn more about who he is and how he got to where he is at in his business. He responded to my messages right away which I valued greatly. Abhik is the person who is sincere and wants to help you and is open to sharing his knowledge. He was interested in my business and right away provided solutions. I knew at that time I would like to learn more from Abhik and schedule a consultation call.

My experience during the call was great! Abhik took time to learn about my business and guide me through a solution sequence filled with resources to help me to grow my business to the next level and tools that I have never heard before. This call helped me to create a system on how to figure out my niche!

Targeting your niche is one of the most important marketing tasks that every business should take time to figure out but if you are the type of person who would like to know HOW? – Abhik will help you with NO doubt!!!

Abhik consulting call was focused and to the point with valuable real unique strategies. Most consultants usually withhold a lot of info from you until you pay them thousands.

I would recommend Abhik consultation to anyone who is looking for unique ways to get ahead of the game of your competitors!!!!” — Veronika R.

Tremendous amount of wonderful information 

“Let me start by saying that I have not felt this level of gratitude for a group like this in a very long time. (…) I was checking my Facebook feed this morning and found your post. You are offering a tremendous amount of wonderful information and I feel truly grateful, so thank you. I am hoping to spend the weekend writing my email funnels and exploring the resources you have provided in your pdfs. So once again, I am so glad to be a part of this group. Thanks again!” — Marilyn A.

Loved the business call

“Loved the business call Abhik made. His grasp of the gaps in digitally promoting my business was fantastic although I believe he had not worked for an apparel brand before. His freebies for automation and digital marketing are also very generous. He will continue to do well.”— Dev Dutt Das

I ‘m more confident with my business

“I’m far more confident with my business after working with Brand Bridge Solutions. Prior to Brand Bridge Solutions help, I was nervous going into my latest business venture. It is a crowded market, and I was looking for a way to stand out in the crowd. The profiles you did of my competition were incredibly helpful in terms of creating a brand and product strategy. You also helped shape our social & online marketing plan. 2018 is going to rock! Thanks so much!”— Scott Silverstone

Total dedication 

“Abhik and his team at Brand Bridge Solutions have shown total dedication to understand my brand’s needs and goals to craft out a perfect identity for my brand. Their digital marketing services are superb and are backed by their art of detailed industry research which has helped me gain an unparalleled understanding of my industry and thus gain a lot of clients in the process.” — Alexandra Cotae


“I learned non-traditional ways of doing things that could generate me the fastest results.”

– Veronika Redding


“I will definitely recommend Abhik to my network, he knows what he is doing, he’s got a lot of strategies that he could recommend to help people and their business.”

– Victoria Lee