Free SEO Tools: 60 Best Search Software in 2024

Abhik Shome

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This is a list of 60 best free SEO tools in 2024.

Me and my team have brought together a collection of 60 free SEO tools that will take care of every search engine optimization need to make your content rank on the 1st page of Google.

The free tools include everything from free SEO Audit tools, SEO reporting tools, to free on-page SEO analysis tools and off-page SEO software.

To assist you better, we have organized the tools into different SEO categories.

Use the table of contents below to scroll right to the section that is most relevant to your current SEO needs.

Here you go:

  • Free SEO Analysis Tools
  • Free Off-Page SEO Tools
  • Free Keyword Research Tools
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Free SEO Analysis Tools

Completely free SEO audit and reporting tool. Use it for yourself or to impress leads.

2. Yoast

If you want to make your website SEO optimized for free, look no further than the Yoast plugin. Use it to optimize your site for SEO, correct search optimization issues and get tips on better SEO practices.

An alternative to Yoast. Use it to create XML Sitemaps, HTML Sitemaps and more.

4. Smush

Improve your website speed by optimizing your site images with this free tool.

Serve static HTML sites and improve your site speed.

Get insights on how well your site loads apart from recommendations on how to fix it.

A great tool from Hubspot that tells you how strong your website is in terms of search engine optimization.

Simply enter your website URL and it will tell you how you perform on critical SEO parameters like page speed, page size, browser caching, page redirects, compression, mobile optimization, and more.

Test the readability level of your website content. This tool takes the text on your web page and gives a score for the most used readability indicators.

Test if your webpage follows the Google guidelines and tick marks all the boxes.

Test the mobile responsiveness of your website with a tool made by Google.

Check the responsiveness of your web design. See how well optimized it is for various devices.

A great tool to test your website speed.

Generate robots.txt file for your site which in turn will tell Google what parts of your site to crawl. Very important for SEO.

Free Off-Page SEO Tools

Use SEMrush to discover organic and paid keywords, do backlink analysis, and more.

Google analytics provides you details about who are the visitors of your site and how your users are behaving on your site.

Know their demography, their country, the device they are visiting from, their visiting time and the articles that are getting the most hits. Use this data to create better search engine optimized content.

Understand how Google sees your site and get email alerts to fix issues.

A free tool which gives you detailed downloadable report on how your site fairs in terms of SEO.

Use Neil Patel’s tool to find related keywords, do detailed backlink analysis and more.

Use Screaming Frog to find SEO related issues in your site like HTTP header errors, javascript rendering, bloated HTML, and more.

Bing’s answer to Google Analytics. Get a set of reporting and diagnostic tools that are set towards optimizing your Bing search.

An all purpose SEO tool. Use it to find top keywords, phrases related to your brand, or links.

Check your website’s search engine ranking in real time.

A free site audit tool for better website optimization, it comes with on-site audit, rank tracking and backlink checker features. 

A detailed analysis service for your website.

Backlinks are critical for SEO. Get detailed backlink analysis of any of your competitors with this free tool. Use the data to create better content and then approach these sites linking to your competitor to now link to you.

A tool similar to link explorer. Analyze the backlink data of any site for free in a matter of seconds.

A free tool to check your site for broken links.

An alternative site to dead link checker, to check broken links.

A set of free SEO tools that will help in making your site rank no.1 on Google.

Use this tool to determine the site’s page structure and its relevance for specific search words.

Check top competitive SEO metrics for any domain.

Score your website for accessibility, SEO and technology.

Search on Google with a simulated search based on changing locations.

Find out highest ROI opportunities, keyword recommendations, link opportunities and more to quickly improve your Google Rankings.

Analyze your site on the basis of build quality and content quality. Study and see the performance of your site from a accessibility, usability, and search engine point of view.

Search and hunt the technical SEO mistakes for any URL.

Check your site with this free tool trusted by over 5000 webmasters.

Instantly get in-depth SEO reviews on your site.

Search for copies of your page on the web.

Get a free SSL certificate with this tool and make your site more trustworthy.

Discover which sites are linking to your site.

Get a domain name for your business which has keywords of your industry. Use this tool to find the best combination of available domains.

Get great blog titles, heavy with your keywords with this tool.

Same use as the tool above.

Create awesome content strategies by highly relevant topics and phrases related to your main topic.

Free SEO tool to check if your site has been affected by Google’s algorithm updates.

A great tool to update various search engines that your blog has been updated.

Find SEO header tags and metadata with just one click.

Use this tool to get most profitable LSI keywords that Google loves.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Plan your keyword strategy with this free tool from Google.

Wordstream has become synonymous with content marketing. So when a keyword research tool comes from the Wordstream house, you know it’s going to be good. They have recently improved their product even more and completely revamped it. A great tool to have in your SEO arsenal.

Another free keyword research tool you can use to double down and verify the data of other tools.

Use this tool to generate long-tail keywords for your next content piece.

Enter your main keyword and generate a semantic version of your keyword.

Study search behavior of your consumer by creating scenarios using this tool. Create a search scenario like “You are hungry today, what will you eat”, and then ask your contacts to type in the keywords they would use to solve it.

Check how well your site is performing on search for a set of up to 10 keywords.

Enter sets of keywords in different boxes and generate searchable combinations.

Find related keywords based on any topic.

Use this tool to get most profitable LSI keywords that Google loves.

This cool tool from BrandMentions lets you inspect individual hashtags and check who is talking about them in real-time. You can use the tool to track a particular hashtag worldwide or based on your country-specific search.

A great way to use this tool is to first check who is using your target hashtag on social media, and then approach them with some relevant content, to start a conversation and deliver value.

Once you build a rapport with these influencers, chances are high that they will feature your content on their social media posts

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