430+ Free Business Software for Small Businesses and Startups

Starting a small business can be a difficult thing for a brand new startup founder and entrepreneur. Based on that, we have written the ultimate guide for free business software for small businesses.

The list consists of more than 430+ free startup tools with links and explanations on what each tool does.

The problem small businesses and startups face

There are so many aspects of a small business that need to be managed to move the cogwheels of growth.

With managing multiple departments, bearing tons of overhead costs, and with little to no guarantee of success in an ever-changing scenario, most of these startups fail even before they start.

To combat this, a small business needs automation tools and resources to growth hack its business, and match the speed of already established players in the market.

But most of these business tools and software are considerably expensive for a new startup or small business to afford.

This can lead to managing all the complicated business activities alone.

The result: a catastrophe of half-baked efforts, naive mistakes, and a backlog of tasks so huge, it can give Goliath a complex.

But there has to be a better way.

There must be affordable small business tools out there that a startup can use to succeed and grow their businesses without losing time, money, and a ton of energy.

There must be ways a busy entrepreneur can automate their backend activities with pocket-friendly software, which in turn can allow them to focus all their energy on core business activities.

These are the questions we asked ourselves when first starting our media startup.

At that time, we were entering the information business market with very limited resources.

The competition, on the other hand, had multi-million dollar budgets.

We were in dire need of free growth hacking tools and strategies to get this off the planning stage and into the real world.

Pondering over it, I and my design head, Weronika Wysocka, hatched a strategy.

We listed down all the different business activities that are involved right from the starting stage to the growth stage of a startup.

Next, we started to look for free business software to do all the activities listed in each of these stages.

That was it!

We searched the entire web for the best free business tools and resources that are ideal for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

We had one clear condition in mind, all the free business software we pick should not be free through a “free trial” option but be free with a free forever option.

Finding the best free business software 

We were pleasantly surprised to find so many amazing online business software available for free on the web.

So much so, that it became somewhat of a guilty pleasure for us, exploring the high seas of the world wide web and finding these brilliant free small business tools for startups and entrepreneurs.

We would now like to share the fruit of our labor with you.

Here are 430+ free business tools covering every aspect of starting, running, and growing a small business and startup successfully.

These free online business apps and resources are simple to use and ideal for newbie entrepreneurs and small businesses that are tight on budget.

We have arranged them to cover everything from the business initiation phase (free business model generation tools, free business name generator tools) to content phase (free content research tools, free competitor analysis tools, free content creation tools, etc.) right up to web security and web storage.

At the time of making, all the tools in the list have a free-forever option. I arranged them according to their order of use in your business life cycle.

What is the benefit of using these free software for your business?

The main benefit of using these small business tools and resources is that it will help you take your business off the ground and make it run.

Also, with these many automation options, you can play on equal ground with the major players in your industry.

These free business apps will make your work faster, smarter, and better.

How to get all these free business tools?

To get these free business tools for your small business and startup, simply go to each section and click on the tool name you want to access. It will open the dedicated website of the tool.

From there, you can sign up for their free plan and get things going.

How to use these tools?

Use these free business software to get your business off the ground and running, without worrying about funds and budget. This will help you start your business without stalling it for the lack of funds.

Once you start making enough money, you can go for the paid versions of these tools.

Now, without further ado, here are 430+ best free business software for small businesses and startups.

Free Business Software for Small Business

Business Model Generation

8 free business model generation tools to help you project your business idea in 2019. Tools include business model canvas inspired apps.

Stock Music

12 free stock music sites for your YouTube videos and startup projects in 2019.

Web Development Tools

7 free web development tools to help freelance programmers and startup developers make great applications in 2019.

Free Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

12 Free Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for A/B Testing and improving your UX so can convert more web visitors into leads in 2019.

Content Research

21 free content research tools to help you create your next successful marketing campaign in 2019. Tools include free survey tools, swipe files & more.

Free SEO Tools

28 free SEO tools to help you rank your content on the first page of Google in 2019. Tools include free on-page and off-page SEO tools.

Team Collaboration

27 free remote team collaboration tools to help digital nomads and startups collaborate with their remote teams in 2019.

Business Name Generator

7 Free business name generator tools to help you find the perfect business name for your brand in 2019. Tools include Naminum, Domainr, and more.

Cloud Storage

3 free cloud storage services and apps to help you store, secure and share files effectively in 2019.

Web Security Tools

7 free web security tools to protect your application from vulnerabilities and threats in 2019. 

Content Creation Tools

17 Free content creation tools to help you create great content in 2019. Tools include grammar checker, plagiarism checker & more.

Content Marketing Tools

40 free content marketing tools to help you market your product online in 2019. Tools include messenger bots, growth hacking tools, etc.

Lead Generation & Sales Software

26 free lead generation and sales software to help you get high-quality leads and convert them into high-paying customers in 2019.

Legal Tools

Every startup business owner, while starting out needs to cover all the legal groundwork in order to play it safe in the industry.

Personal Branding Tools

15 free personal branding tools to help entrepreneurs and experts create a magnetic personal brand in 2019.

Graphic Design Software & Resources

160+ free graphic design software & resources to help you create brilliant looking brands in 2019. Tools include stock images, videos, icons, & more.

Website Building Tools

4 Free website building tools that will help you make a professional looking website in 2019. Perfect for non-techie entrepreneurs.

Free Web Hosting

8 free web hosting services to help entrepreneurs and startups create a web presence for their product/service for free in 2019.

Competitor Analysis Tools

14 free competitor analysis tools to help entrepreneurs research on their competitor’s social media and SEO strategies in 2019.

Free CRM Software

7 free CRM software to help entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses manage customer relationships in 2019.

Productivity Software

23 free productivity software and mindfulness apps to help you get more done in 2019. Tools include note-taking apps, browser productivity tools & more.

Ecommerce Tools & Software

7 free e-commerce tools and software to help you set up your online shop in 2019.

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