Website Optimizer Template 

Take your website from an ordinary zero lead bore-fest to generating 80-100 highly qualified leads per month + build credibility and authority. All in automation.


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Capture and convert random site visitors into leads and repeat customers for your business.

A MUST-HAVE for anyone who owns a website.


Convert random site visitors into leads and repeat customers.


Get quality leads and sales. Never miss out on capturing a prospect.


Generate brand authority by getting on customers email list.

You got a website to showcase your product or service online. Now what?

Does it get you leads and sales?
Does it build your credibility and authority?
Is it just a digital ornament costing you your valuable resources?
Is it just a simple, dull web page that does not communicate anything worth generating any ROI?


When I started my web agency business in 2014, I was doing it like 99% of the people do this. I was looking for clients. I was hunting them. I was searching for them.

And guess what…

The good ones have never come.
There was always a compatibility mismatch. They needed something I do not do or were low balling me with half of my asking price.
And I was accepting them and taking them happily. Well, money was money and I was happy with whatever I was getting.

But then it hit me.

When these low-balling clients who were a complete mismatch, to begin with, were demanding more and more from me while I was working a double shift, I knew there had to be a better way.
There had to be a better way to get the kind of clients I love.
There had to be a way for them to reach out to me rather than me hunting for them and force-feeding my solution to them.
That’s when I discovered Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence.
This book changed the way I saw my business and my clients.
The business was no longer about selling. It was about guiding my clients through steps of making the best buying decision that is based on creating value through benefits, trust, credibility, and a core story.
I dove deeper into the subject of influence and persuasion and joined various top online business masterminds and courses.
I quickly realized all these teachings had a method to them that can be replicated over and over like a template for your business.

And so was born…

The Website Optimizer template for Client Attraction — A baby of 4+ years of hit and trial.

The result

A proven website lead generation template backed by our implementation.

How does website optimizer template for client attraction help?

Use our data-backed web optimizer template for client attraction to convert website visitors into leads and customers for your business.
This is the perfect tool for all small business owners, startup founders, and solopreneurs that want to get targeted leads for their business without breaking the bank.
It helped us generate 80-100 leads per month while we sleep.

Use it to generate leads for your business and improve your monthly revenue drastically.

More targeted leads = More chances of product sales.

Get it now for just $19. Price set to rise permanently soon.

Use it to convert your ordinary site into a lead generating machine on a budget less than the price of a coffee.

Quick Overview

What does it do?

Web optimizer template gives you the design framework to convert random site visitors into leads and customers for your business.

Who is it for?

Small Business Owners, Startup Founder, Agency owners, and solopreneurs who want to generate quality leads for their business without spending any money on research budgets.

What do you get?

Website Optimizer Template

Convert site visitors into leads and be on top of their mind with content and offers.

Relevant Leads and Sales

Get more relevant leads and sales via a proven website strategy based on the concepts of social influence and persuasion.

Brand Credibility and Authority

Create brand credibility and authority by putting your website to the fullest use and put your best foot forward.


If you get it now, I will give you a secret list of my top 10 sites whose UI/UX is optimized for design.