Media Magnetism Pitch

Media pitch templates to get you from 0 followers to put you in front of 5-10 million people and earn you instant authority + Qualified Leads.


Our team has been seen in

The perfect email templates to get you fame, attention, authority, and sales.
Plus the exact strategy to follow.


Generate high quality leads.


Use this tool to build your authority and credibility.


Treat this templates as a passport to get mass reach and thought leadership.

Want to quickly shave off years of struggle and get instant mainstream attention so you can finally command the prices you deserve?
Want to lose your anonymity so you can get the creme de la creme of clients?
Want your ideal clients to contact you instead of you hunting for them?
Want to create top-level networking opportunities that can scale your business and career rapidly?
If yes, then the Authority Hacking — Media Magnetism Pitch is the missing link you have been looking for to rapidly growth hack your personal brand.
Use these templates for pitching guest posts and contributor application to mainstream media outlets and authority blogs in your industry and create massive brand value.

Imagine the years of struggle that you save yourself from?

Imagine what it means to finally get the authority and credibility you deserve?

Imagine the kind of money-making opportunities you can open for yourself by getting seen in mainstream media, be it getting top-level consulting clients, speaking gigs, course sales, mastermind meets, an invitation to A-list networking events, and more…

The missing link to growth hack your personal brand

As a business owner, you are always running pillar to post for growing your brand and get attention towards your product or service.
Also, we are repeatedly told by “marketing Wisemen” that getting there takes time. 
Just keep working hard and “10x your efforts”. 
And after years of tireless slogging, the results will start coming.
It doesn’t cut for entrepreneurs like us, who believe in getting rapid growth and media clout without wasting years slogging on a droning job while experimenting with one marketing misadventure after another.
We need to get out of this hamster wheel by doing what works to get rapid mainstream attention of our customer base and that too in a way that our ideal client sees us and our brand as a trusted thought leader in our niche.
The way to do this is by launching the smart strategy of writing guest posts for authority blogs in your industry and becoming a thought leader of your niche in mainstream media outlets.
This way you will be writing about a topic and a niche on a media piece that is read by millions of members of your customer base who will start seeing you as an expert and a trusted source in your industry.

The result

The audience perceives you an authority to get more information from you.
Stack it with the lead generation tactic (also shared as a bonus with the templates), and you will get a high number of your readers to funnel to your website and become a pro-active lead for your business.
Another huge benefit is that now you will be creating top-level networking opportunities by being seen and heard frequented by people that matter in your industry.
Another huge benefit is that now you will be creating top-level networking opportunities by being seen and heard frequented by people that matter in your industry.

The possibilities are endless.

This is one of the ultimate ways to build your brand and get sales…and hardly anyone is using it.
Now coming to those who use it, most of their pitches look like straight blatant pitches. 
An Editor/Authority blog owner can sniff them from far away (and in email terms, detect BS pitches from their subject lines).
Therein lies the opportunity for you.
When most of the pitches are BS, think how much a tested and proven pitch will work and win you mainstream media spots?
That’s where our authority hacking media magnetism pitch comes in and steps up the game from a sea of empty pitches.
Use this pitch which I have personally used to get into mainstream media outlets and win guest posting opportunities.
Here are some of the magazines my work has been seen in.

What’s Inside

The perfect subject line which gets attention in a non-spammy positive way
The intro touch using a clever networking hack
The value communicator which gets editors hooked to your pitch
The pro-active strategy which most people ignore (very easy to do but hardly anyone knows it)
The power signature trick which will build your authority and hence multiply your chances of getting accepted

Apart from this, it contains the entire strategy in a step by step easy to follow roadmap on how to do this correctly.

Use it and get fame for your brand today and be an instantly recognizable authority in your niche.

Finally, command the prices you deserve.

What is it?

Authority Hacking Media Magnetism Pitch

What does it do?

Makes you a thought leader in your niche and gets you instant mainstream attention by putting your voice in front of mainstream media outlets in your industry.

Who is it for?

Startup Founders, Business consultants, freelancers, solopreneurs, experts, coaches, and small business owners who are tired of struggling and want to find a sure shot way to growth hack their brand by getting mainstream attention.

Ideal for growth-hungry entrepreneurs who are serious about scaling their business fast.

What do you get?

More High Quality Leads for Your Business

Get top quality leads who are interested in what you do and what value you offer. Be fine-tuned to get accurate leads by getting your content seen in mainstream publications that have the cream of your audience base.

Instant Authority and Credibility

Create authority and credibility by getting your name seen in top publications and media houses in your niche.

Become Respected Brand and a Thought Leader in your Industry

Shave off years of struggle by becoming a respected brand by becoming a thought leader of your industry.

Create Networking Opportunities

Create of top-level networking opportunities by being seen in places that matter.

Bonus 1

If you get it now, you will also avail a bonus cheat sheet of how to generate leads from your guest post.

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Bonus 2

A set of perfect subject lines that get opened. These are the subject lines that make a journalist, editor, and blogger curious and compel them to click and open your mail. 

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