Growth Club VIP

A straight to the point no BS library of special strategies and hacks to optimize every aspect of your business and life for rapid growth.

Cut through all the noise and do only what works best to get maximum profit out of your business journey.



Lifetime access to lectures, tutorials, and walk-througs that will equip you in knowledge about productivity, lead generation, networking, marketing, and entrepreneurship.


In this course you will find techniques that work. It comes with lessons, blueprints, checklists, and templates. All arranged in cleanly organized step-by-step modules, divided into various categories.


You get social media graphic templates, infographic templates, ebooks, cheat sheets, checklists and more. Everything constantly updated. 

Tell me if this is you…

  • You have an awesome business idea.
  • You understand its potential and value.

But when it comes to actually execute the plan, you just do not know where to start.

All the romance and excitement gets bogged down with things like:

What kind of marketing plan to follow?

What kind of software do you need for your business?

What kind of research strategy to use?

And many more questions like these which you do not know the exact right answer of.

What is even worse is that you start getting wrong and counterproductive advice from people who are inexperienced and rely on guesswork. 

Soon, all your money gets wasted on trying hacks and strategies that do not work.

As you hit one dead end after another, you stare at imminent failure.

But things should not be this way. In fact, there has never been a better time to start a business and scale it in record time than RIGHT NOW.

Just look at the Googles and Amazons of the world. Notice how rapidly they displaced the traditional business giants and became industry conquering heavyweights.

Then how to capitalize on this golden opportunity for growth without slipping into the rabbit hole of noise and confusion?

How to do only what works and avoid the risk of committing deadly business mistakes that can heavily impact you and your family both financially and emotionally?

What if you could get a hold of a system which could walk you through a step by step approach to business and life growth? 

A system so powerful that you can literally see the impactful results it can have in your life and business, even before you start to use it?

Hi, I am Abhik, and I have been at the receiving end of this wrong advice for many years, and that’s one of the main reasons that motivated me to create The Starting Idea.

All my life, I studied business.

Yes, I learned a lot of big concepts like Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism, Maslow’s Need Hierarchy theory, the 4 P’s of marketing and all sorts of other principles.

But when it actually came to actual actionable strategies to get traction for my business and improve my bottom line…

All these tools and concepts felt very rigid and rusty to me.

They were great general concepts, great in theory, but the actionable matter was missing.

That’s when I decided to follow a new approach.

I decided to get myself mentors in every field I wanted to improve on. I felt passionate and relied on the first mentor I could find, and that was a…


I tried learning from people who themselves did not have the results they were preaching about.

After a few painful failures, I finally started seeing the light.

I hired and built relationships with mentors who had been there in the trenches. I got their courses. I interviewed them. I learned their exact strategies, and finally saw the difference between what was taught to me, and what actually works.

Needless to say, the difference was that of NIGHT and DAY.

Since then I have made it a mission of mine to continuously take the key learnings, the best strategies, used by top CEOs and marketers in the world, and share their knowledge with us in an easy to consume, step by step actionable format.

And that’s the reason why we started The Starting Idea Growth Club VIP.

In a world of cookie-cutter approach and one size fits all kind of advice, we have decided to take a different route.

We are not here to wax philosophy and give broad advice like “Do small things well” or “think long-term” (we have an entire section dedicated to mindset and that to consisting of actionable mindset strategies, not broad philosophies).

We are focused on giving you exact and accurate advice on how to grow your business fast so that it can get you, customers, improve your bottom line and makes you money.


Productivity Strategies to get the maximum out of your day + unbeatable mental hacks to avoid the rabbit hole of procrastination and distraction.

The Best Online Marketing Blueprints, Tools, Tactics and Templates to get ahead of 95% of the competition. Immediately.

The Best Market Research Strategies and Tools to find your industry leader’s best and worst performing brand strategies, so you can use them to create unbeatable marketing plans that always win.

Lead Generation Strategies, tools, and templates to find high paying customers/clients and win them for your business. Consistently.


If you want to eliminate years of a learning curve completely and simply do what works best from the get-go

If you want to remove tech overwhelm and simply know the exact tools and hacks used by successful entrepreneurs to maximize business growth

If you want to market your product or service effectively without the risk of losing money due to lack of budget

If you want to uncover the secret sauce strategies of some of the best companies in the world

If you want to achieve the most out of your day and be bulletproof to procrastination

If you want to forge the right partnerships and generate high paying clients regularly

If you want to templatize your business with clearly organized blueprints, cheatsheets, checklists and modules of growth…

The Starting Idea Growth Club VIP is for you.

No more lofty pieces of advice and theoretical jargon like “market on social media” or “post regularly”.

Instead, expect content like:

“The 1 simple 15-minute Content hack to 5x your reach for FREE”

How to use your industry leader’s marketing budget for your own rapid success + 2 online resources to make it happen

The 2 Minute Rule to getting difficult things done without procrastination

The Perfect Day Productivity Planner to never be lost and unorganized in your life

The 1 lesser known free tool that will make journalists reach out to you and make you get mainstream media mentions

A highly impactful Japanese improvement tool that you can use to bulletproof your mind to achieve greater business growth”

WARNING: This can change your life forever!

And so on.

All arranged in cleanly organized step-by-step modules, divided into various business categories.

No more beating around the bushes.

No more trying and failing.

Cut the noise and get actual pinpointed strategies and tools that work.

Use the exact strategies and steps we learned from highly successful entrepreneurs to catapult your business to explosive growth.

Get access to a vault full of:

  • Guides
  • Blueprints
  • Checklists
  • Swipe Files
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Execution Plans
  • Tools
  • Templates

Which will help you in every aspect of growing your business.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get

Entrepreneurship Vault

Get rid of all the fluffy advice floating in your industry and simply do what works best.

Optimize your effort and time for maximum growth by building mental and physical templates/approaches for business growth.

Marketing Vault

Rapidly climb to the top of your industry ladder without wasting time.

Use the ultimate vault of content marketing strategies, blueprints, tips, tools and templates to get ahead of 95% of the competition. Immediately.

Know the tricks and tools that 95% of your industry is blind about. Master industry research, find hidden opportunities, create winning content and ultimately market it to profit.

Use the cheat sheets of marketing success to maximize the results.

Lead Generation Vault

Never have a day without clients again.

Use the tips, tricks, and tools mentioned in Lead Generation Vault to find high paying clients who value your time and effort.

Use the strategies to filer the right kind of prospects and win them over as top dollar clients. Consistently.

Networking Vault

Avoid years of slogging and rigorous hard work leading to dead ends. 

Use the strategies and tools mentioned in the Networking Vault to forge meaningful relationships with the right people that will immediately skyrocket your career to growth while saving you from decades of heartbreak.

Productivity Vault

This vault is the Swiss knife of getting things done.

Learn the mindset tricks, tips and tool hacks to get the maximum out of 2020, every single day.

Use the strategies followed here to make the last year of this decade the best year of your life till now.

Growth Club VIP will be a constantly updated library of videos, checklists, tools, and templates that will give you the blueprint of growth in every aspect of your business and entrepreneurial journey.

It’s time to get from this point of foggy confusion and lack of knowledge to a world where you are unlocking your fullest potential and getting the best version of yourself into action, so that you get the best life ever for yourself, your family and everything you are passionate about.

Climb the escalator of guided growth & get:



Noise and information overload

Panic due to tech overwhelm

Expensive strategies that don’t work

Procrastination, lack of self belief and focus

A step by step proven system of business growth

An easy non-technical life using only the tools that matter

Only the right strategies, templated for hyper growth

Realizing the maximum out of your day and unlocking your best self


Abhik Shome is the Founder of The Starting Idea, a business growth magazine focused on giving fast-paced actionable strategies to help busy entrepreneurs shorten their path to growth.

He also heads Brand Bridge Solutions, a leading web design, and conversion marketing agency with 5+ years of experience working with top international clients across Europe and U.S.

His content and advice pieces have been featured in mainstream media outlets like Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, Inc ASEAN, Influencive, & YourStory, and focuses on marketing tech, entrepreneurship, lead generation, and personal branding.

His blogs and articles have been shared and appreciated by top industry experts including Larry Kim, Founder of Wordstream & Mobile Monkey.