18 Personal Branding Tools to Rapidly Grow Your Personal Brand in 2024

Abhik Shome

Founder and Editor-in-chief
The Starting Idea

“Keep posting great content on social media and they will come.”

I bet many of you tried that, I did it too. Raise your hands if just posting great, remarkable or amazing content brought you any results?

Ya…that’s what I thought.

See, to stand out in your industry, of course, you need to post great content, but it’s just half the work done. What you really need to do is apply your strategies along with a set of specialized tech hacks that no one in your industry is currently using.

These tech hacks can instantly boost your brand and have a magnetic effect on your intended audiences.

Based on that, here are 18 handpicked personal branding tools to rapidly grow your Personal Brand in 2024.

A screenshot of Fiverr Workspace website

Add a sleek professional touch to your proposals using this FREE tool brought to you by the guys behind Fiverr.

The tool will help you present your proposals in an uber-professional manner and also track them, send follow-ups, etc.

A great personal branding tool for the cost-effective freelancer.

A paid alternative to And Co. Use this to create some sleek world-class proposals for your clients and be at their top of mind.

This is my go-to tool for infographics.

My Design head prefers Adobe Creative Cloud, but if you are a non-designer like me, Visme has us covered. I use this to create rich visually appealing infographics in a matter of minutes.

Brian Dean from Backlinko suggests highly of using infographics as a great link building tool, as it lets you distinguish your content in a much more appealing manner. 

So go ahead and brand yourself in the industry with this valuable visual content tool.

A free alternative to Promo Republic. A great app to start your designing game if you are not a designer.

As a brand, it’s important to monitor the email marketing strategy of your industry leaders. After all, in the world of internet marketing, it’s the email where the majority of the sale happens.

Use Owletter to monitor the newsletters of your industry leaders and immediate competitors.

Lemlist is an email outreach tool with proven templates to personalize your cold emailing.

I especially like their image personalization feature where you can upload an image of you holding a blank piece of paper and their software will add a custom name based on the company or person you are sending the mail to. You can also schedule follow-ups based on link clicks.

A great relationship building tool.

Adobe Creative Cloud is the holy grail for creating brand assets. It needs a bit of expertise, but if you master it, it will almost be the only tool you will ever need to create assets for your personal brand.

Use Promo Republic to quickly get thousands of content pieces readymade to post for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

A great way to generate awesome personal branding content on the fly.

Ninja Outreach is the go-to tool of the industry to search, find and reach out to influencers in your niche.

Make your brand “Stick”. Literally. Give your brand a physical and iconic presence with these high-quality stickers with some awesome designs to boast of.

No wonder, top companies like AppSumo endorse this brand!

11. Zoom

Doing video interviews with experts in your industry is a great way to have the influencer rub off on your own brand.

A great free tool for doing these interviews is through Zoom.

If you want a high-quality podcast mic that doesn’t break the bank, go with the Blue Yeti.

SSL certificate is a must for adding credibility and authenticity to your online presence.

Think about it, would you trust a site with a not secure message showing up in the address bar?

Use SSL for free to generate free SSL certificates for your site.

14. Ahrefs

Out of a ton of uses of this great SEO tool, a great one is checking out your competitor’s backlinks and social shares.

You can actually get the list of people sharing and linking to your competitor’s content.

Actionable Tip: 10x the content of your competitor or repurpose it into an infographic and reach out to the people who are linking and sharing the competitor article, asking them to link to your article instead.

Use this tool to spy on ads and promotions of your industry leaders and craft paid promotions for your personal brand accordingly.

A LinkedIn lead generation and outreach tool to connect with people in your industry.

Use this to connect with experts and audiences in your industry.

Another great SEO tool which can be used for personal branding goals.

Use this tool to make SEO rich articles in your niche and rank high on Google.

18. Rev

Make your videos into ebooks by transcribing them with this cheap service.

Hope you got a lot of value from the article and now feel equipped to grow a stellar personal Brand in 2024.

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