How to use your industry leader’s marketing budget for your own business success

Abhik Shome

Founder and Editor-in-chief
The Starting Idea

Today I want to share with you the super simple “Swipe and Deploy” trick that will help you leverage your industry leader’s marketing for your own success.

So here it goes.


Visit the websites of all your industry leaders.


Use a chrome extension called Full Page Screen Capture and take a full page screenshot of these companies websites.


Save them to a folder named: “Industry Leader Web Copy Swipe Files”


Next, it is more than likely that you will be retargeted on Facebook, YouTube, and Google by these companies.

Whenever you see an ad coming in your feed or stream, record it with a free tool like CloudApp.

If it’s a static ad, use CloudApp to take a screenshot.

After recording the ad, click the ad and visit the landing page. Screenshot it with Full Page Screen Capture.


Create a folder called “Ad swipe files” and under it name sub-categories based on names of your industry leaders.

Save all the ads pertaining to one company in their respective subfolder.


Now every time you need ad copy, take inspiration from these industry leaders.

See the kind of language they are using, how are they presenting the problem and the solution.

Since they are industry leaders, they are proven winners.

Most of the copy that you see will be market tested and coming up after a lot of tests, experiments, and refinement.

Take advantage of their research and hard work, and simply templatize the approach for your own marketing campaign.


Do the same swiping for emails sent by these industry leaders.

Simply search the industry leader’s name on the from field in the search mail section of your Gmail.

Search the name of your industry leader and see his emails.

Notice the subject line presentation, the copy, the time the mail was sent and the amount of time between two emails.

Copy paste the emails for future reference.


Additionally you can use some famous online swipe file sites like and to take even more inspiration about marketing copy and campaign arrangement.

Did you like this hack? This is just one of the many advanced level hacks where you can literally spy on your competitors and take their best performing brand strategies, and swipe them for your business.

Not only that, but you can also see the worst performing strategies of your industry leaders and know the dangerous pitfalls to avoid.

All these strategies will be part of just the Marketing Vault in The Starting Idea VIP – A straight to the point no BS library of advanced level strategies covering every topic from Marketing, Entrepreneurship to Productivity.

Stick around for further details. It’s going to be awesome.

Abhik Shome

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