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A vetted collection of swipe files, best practices, and growth hacks gathered from 5+ years of action in the trenches and expensive masterminds. A perfect compliment for your 320+ free tools.

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The Magnificent 7

Get the ultimate 7 steps of content research strategy to create superhit content every single time.

One Page Content Marketing Mastery Cheat Sheet

In this cheat sheet you will learn:

1. The only content marketing process you need to follow if you want to generate sales from your target audience (just follow this plan to the T and you are ahead of majority instantly).

2. FREE A.I. powered Tool which will instantly cover your blog posts into attractive viral videos on FB and LinkedIn.

3. 1 tool which will turn your blog posts into social campaigns (complete with creative, social media copy, etc.) all done in automation.

List tricks – High Impact List Building in 15 mins

In this checklist you will learn:

1. The inverted homepage strategy which will make your website a lead getting machine (without any pop up!).

2. The best foot sideward hack which will always keep your best lead magnets in front of your targeted traffic (so you keep generating sign ups).

3. The landing gate trick which will convert other authority’s audiences into your subscribers and paying customers (this one is GOLD).

60 Second Personal Branding Implementation Checklist

In this checklist you will learn:

1. How to never again be confused about what to say to your audiences and what stance to take while communicating your sales message on Social Media.

2. How to set your social profiles to speak your brand without any daily efforts from you.

3. Discover the ONE method which will put you in front of millions of target customers and help you generate leads on autopilot!

The Reputation Regulator

Use the FREE tool mentioned in this ebook to manage your online reputation with ease (2 powerful bonus hacks included).

Use the FREE tool mentioned in this ebook to manage your online reputation with ease (2 powerful bonus hacks included).

The Ultimate Teamwork Checklist

The ultimate remote business hacks. The super simple teamwork checklist every online business should have.

The Neil Patel Growth Hack

A  very interesting growth hack from Neil Patel.