17 Free Content Creation Tools to Create Amazing Content in 2024

Abhik Shome

Founder and Editor-in-chief
The Starting Idea

This is a cherry-picked list of 17 best free content creation tools for online business in 2024.

Content creation tools fuel the root of an online business: CONTENT. 

In order to win your audiences in 2024, you need to create content that is easily consumable by your target audience. The content needs to be grammatically correct, easily readable, and convey emotions effectively in multi-media form.

Here are 17 free content creation tools and software that will make you a hit with your audiences.

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Free Content Creation Tools

A free grammar correction tool, which checks your spellings and grammatical mistakes in real time. Integrates with Google Docs and Gmail. This is God send!

Just enter 5 nouns and generate multiple blog topics from it.

3. ZenPen

A simple writing tool which is aimed at removing all distractions and simply start the process of content creation.

4. Portent

Just enter a subject and this classic tool will give you blog title ideas.

A tool similar to Portent.

The almighty Google Docs on which I am writing this document and my partner Weronika is adding links in real time. Also integrates with Grammarly to make it a classy tool.

Create awesome presentations with Google Slides.

Create spreadsheets of data and crunch numbers with Google Sheets.

Save yourself from typing extra keystrokes with this tool.

Create and store your slideshows on LinkedIn’s SlideShare.

Create video content which demonstrates processes using this free tool.

12. Lumen5

Create full length video content with text, music and stock footage by just entering your blog URL.

13. BlankPage

A simple writing app.

A free tool to summarize and proofread your text.

15. Known

Use it to collaborate and create large community sites.

16. Wattpad

A large helpful community of writers and readers.

A simple tool to check for plagiarism.

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Just enter your email address and we’ll send you the PDF of this guide for FREE.

Abhik Shome

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