14 NFT Stats You Need To Know ( March 2021)

14 NFT Stats You Need To Know ( March 2021)

14 NFT Stats You Need To Know (2021)

Abhik Shome

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These are some of the latest NFT Stats (March 2021).

On this page, you will find NFT stats and data on:

  • Stats on the total market cap of NFT
  • Stats on the average price of an NFT
  • Stats on the average increase in the price of an NFT
  • Stats on the value of the most expensive NFT
  • Stats on the percentage increase in Google searches around NFT.

And more.

Without further ado, here are the top 15 NFT stats and data for March 2021.


1. The top 10 NFTs have collectively amounted 12.002% of their all time sales in the week of March 6th -12th alone (thestartingidea.com)

NFT stats

2. The No.1 NFT Cryptopunk has recorded 18.676% of their all time sales in the week of March 6th-12th alone (thestartingidea.com)


3. The No. 2 NFT Superrare has clocked 15.695% of their all-time sales in the week of March 6th – 12th (thestartingidea.com)

NFT stats Superrare

4. The average all-time price of an NFT is $78.1 USD  (nonfungible.com)

NFT Stats Average Price

5. The average price of an NFT has increased by $1421.68 USD or by 1820.33% over the past month (thestartingidea.com)

NFT Stats

6. The average price of an NFT has increased by $1377.08 USD or by 1763.22% over the past week (thestartingidea.com)

NFT stats

7. The amount of Google searches for the keyword “NFT” has increased by 173.74% from December 2020 to January 2021. (thestartingidea.com)

NFT stats

8. The total market cap of NFT has reached $421,514,198.94 USD (nonfungible.com)


9.The number of NFTs sold in the last 30 days is 138090 (nonfungible.com)

NFT stats

10. A digital artwork called “The first 5000 days” by artist Michael Winklemaan AKA Beeple is the most expensive NFT, sold for $60 million at a Christie’s auction (cnbc.com)

NFT Stats

11. Total no. of NFT sales has clocked 5396965 sales (nonfungible.com)


12. The average price of the No.1 NFT – Cryptopunks has increased by $90561.12 USD in the past week (thestartingidea.com)


13. “win.crypto” is the most expensive blockchain domain, sold for $100,000 (businesswire.com)


14. Market share of NFT  (nonfungible.com)

41% gaming industry 


29% collectibles 


13%  real estate


7% collectible card games


6% domain names


4% art


These are the recent statistics for NFT in March 2021. 

If you’d like to know more about our research methodology and how we collected and analyzed our data, please check out our study methods here

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