Discover the Cutting-Edge Growth Hacks and clever shortcuts That Top Solopreneurs and small businesses are using to catapult their business to the stratosphere (With actual screenshots and examples)

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A treasure trove of 103 non-traditionalCut-to-the-chase SUPERHACKSfor Solopreneurs

I have combined my 10+ years experience from the trenches of marketing along with painstaking hand curation from hard to find corners of the web

– All to deliver 103 of the most powerful SOLOPRENEUR GROWTH HACKS which will blow out all the generic marketing and business courses out of the water.

Yes, this is NOT generic information or a long drawn prose about marketing mindset or concept.

This book is about cutting the clutter, ignoring long sales stories, and going straight to the strategies. 103 of genuine fresh off the press strategies that are in cut to the chase style and easy to apply/Swipeable.

Use these swipeable cut to the chase strategies, complete with examples, screenshots/templates, and step-by-step action steps to blow out your competition.


So you have a swipe file of inspiration


So you do not waste time writing outreach mails from scratch


So you 10X Your Speed & Revenue Results

Here's what's inside:

The unconventional “BIP” tactic that will get you a loyal fan base for free before you even have a product.- This will change the way you approach any business project - Growth Hack 2

The hidden gem for uncovering customer needs and boosting product success in less than 60 SECONDS (all from a surprisingly free source) - Growth Hack 3

The game-changing move that will make your strategies exclusive and in high demand for cheap - Growth hack 4

The “UM” hack which is a simple mindshift tweak that will give your product a unique twist, make it inimitable (without any change or extra work on your product!) - Growth hack 5

Uncover a surprisingly fun ad easy way to optimize your UX for free while building brand loyalty (this will actually make your audience invested in your brand) - Growth hack 12

The spicy “BuzzFeed” strategy to generate user engagement - Growth hack 15

Unveil the secret tool that will transform your brand's offline presence to the next level and make it Stick - Growth hack 16

The “PI” Hack that strategically amplifies your reach for pennies on the dollar (Used by AppSumo) - Growth hack 21

Discover the intriguing strategy to captivate influencers and their followers effortlessly! (Generate WILD organic buzz) - Growth hack 20

Uncover a powerful method to attract targeted audiences with a SURPRISINGLY SIMPLE keyword placement tactic! - Growth hack 22

The "BGM" tactic that sparks curiosity and makes you go VIRAL FOR CHEAP (with the mindset and resource link to get more viral buzzworthy ideas) - Growth hack 23

The “Certified G” Hack to add credibility to your brand and develop word-of-mouth marketing - Growth hack 25

How to instantly convert hesitant prospects into customers (An EASY BEGINNER-FRIENDLY CHEAT CODE) - Growth hack 26

This SYMBOL will make you promote your website for FREE on every platform (Without being spammy or getting banned) - Growth hack 82

These 4 words will convert any content into a massive lead generator your business - Growth hack 84

The Mysterious “?” to instantly increase Click-through rates - Growth hack 79

One of the most creative ways to grow a list (very few are using this) - growth hack 76

Discover the 1 OUT OF THE BOX way to leverage concepts and ideas for massive LinkedIn growth (untapped) - growth hack 77

The secret tool that makes your content go viral in your niche community rapidly (not FB ads) - growth hack 70

The simple psychological tweak that will make your revenue surge (with a simple number play) - growth hack 67

NEVER end your blog post WITHOUT this CLEVER TACTIC and see inbound leads flow in - growth hack 57

How to make exiting site visitors not only stay but become paying customers within minutes - growth hack 91

This new platform is exploding rapidly for bloggers, get on it NOW - Growth hack 93

The Cheat Code get into major publications and get in front of millions [With a word by word template pitch that I personally used] - Growth hack 99

A FREE marketing tactic to convert your brand into a passionate movement instantly (So few use this powerful political tactic) - growth hack 100

Do this “overlooked” thing to land top 6 figure jobs even if you are a newbie - growth hack 103

Use these 7 sources to get viral content (with proven indicators for virality) - growth hack 88

How to get on the front page of top websites in your industry - growth hack 89


BONUS RESOURCES: After you ACCESS the book, go to the last page to access further bonuses

    • Magnificent 7: Hit Content Bullseye Every Single Time

    (The 7 step content research strategy to create superhit content every single time – Includes some of the most creative ways to do content research so you hit the BULLSEYE every single time)

    • The Media Magnetism Pitch: Unlock Media Features

    (Get the exact pitch template to get mainstream media features)

    • MYSTERY BONUS: Surprise Bonus To 10X Growth Hack

    (Get the key concepts behind various growth hacks. Use them exclusively or combine them together to develop your own unique growth hacks for blue ocean growth).

    347 Pages of Growth Hacking Content

    100+ Examples & Screenshots

    6 Game-changing Pitch Templates for Podcast Bookings, Testimonial Requests, Mainstream Media Mentions, & More...

    Step-by-Step Action Steps for Each Growth Hack

    100+ Growth Hacking Tools + Resources Mentioned

    103 Solopreneur Growth Hacks – A comprehensive resource packed edge-to-edge with non-obvious strategies for Solopreneurs to get to profit fast.

    Is the deafening noise of the crowded solopreneur market drowning out your voice?
    Struggling to hit your revenue targets month after month?
    Craving the media attention and validation that could take your business to the next level?
    Pouring your heart into content creation, only to watch your blog traffic stagnate?
    Well, if your answer is a resounding “YES”, then I have the exact FIXES for these SPECIFIC PROBLEMS.

    Who’s it for?


    As a solopreneur, one has to manage every aspect of the business alone. This can be an extremely daunting task and one is sure to hit bottlenecks. The initial excitement fades as loss of momentum leads to procrastination.

    You need some impactful revenue-generating quick wins to rally you forward. This is where “103 Solopreneur Growth Hacks” comes in.

    The book is tailor-made for solopreneurs to get profitable quick wins fast using some of the most unusual and creative blue ocean tactics that can be applied without needing an extra hand.

    Just applying 1 or 2 growth hacks will help you get to profit fast and smash that daunting rut that comes with managing a business alone.

    The book comes with step-by-step action steps that are obsessively crafted so solopreneurs can swipe and apply the strategies without wasting any time.

    In short, “103 Solopreneur Growth Hacks” gets you the revenue-generating results you are so desperately looking for.

    Small Businesses

    Small businesses and solopreneurs share a common challenge: limited budgets and being 100% bootstrapped.

    That’s why every tactic in “103 Solopreneur Growth Hacks” has been crafted to be cost-effective.

    The strategies are carefully selected to deliver revenue-generating results for FREE or CHEAP.


    Shave off years of struggle as a freelancer with unusual + unexplored client-generating tactics combined with juicy personal branding strategies that propel you to thought leadership (template pitches included!).

    Here's My Promise From The Book

    The book unlocks a treasure trove of exclusive digital goodies that will transform your brand into a must-have, exclusive experience with blue ocean traffic, massive surge in revenue and media attention – Either for Free or pennies on the dollar.

    Forget generic tips – this is the real deal, filled edge-to-edge with practical, immediately applicable growth hacks.

    Here is my promise from the book:

    – This book would not waste your time like generic marketing courses with long-drawn concepts and lectures on why it is done.

    Instead, it will give you WHAT WORKS NOW and HOW TO DO IT with EXACT TOOLS, STEPS, EXAMPLES, and TEMPLATES WHERE APPLICABLE. As simple as that. No clutter, no fluff.

    I have personally experienced those long-drawn courses and it is my promise to myself to never engage with such boring courses for myself or my readers.

    – Applying just 1-2 of these growth hacks from the book will make the decisive changes you are looking for in your business.

    – As you go through the book, you will start pattern-matching the growth hacking concepts in your mind. You will understand the keys to create unique and uncharted growth hacks yourself that are primed for virality and revenue.

    Here’s what other entrepreneurs and industry leaders say about my work:

    “The kind of results and the pace with which he gave us the results…it was magnificent. What’s unique about him is the way he goes ahead with his need-analysis. What makes him special is the choice of language and choice of words that really fits into your need, understanding who you are in business – Aligning with the results that you want for your clients and customers. If you are pressed for time and quality is what matters most to you, I would highly recommend Abhik Shome”

     Ranjan Kumar Varanasi

    “I learned non-traditional ways of doing things that could generate me the fastest results.”

    Veronika Redding

    “I will definitely recommend Abhik to my network, he knows what he is doing, he’s got a lot of strategies that he could recommend to help people and their business.”

    Victoria Lee

    “And in the first place I was overwhelmed with the amount of free information he shared through his website and through his emails. That’s the most important thing for me. I think for me that you can trust someone and I feel I can trust Abhik and that’s why I would suggest him to others.”

    Ongjen Pusac

    Here’s Everything You Are Getting:

    347 Pages of Solopreneur Growth Hacking Content

    103 Cut-To-The-Chase Growth Hacks

    Real World Examples With Screenshots

    100+ Hidden Tools & Resources (With Links)

    Vital Growth Outreach Templates

    Lifetime Access To All Future Updates for The Book

    BONUS 1 - Magnificent 7 (Hit Content Bullseye Every Single Time)

    BONUS 2 - Media Magnetism Pitch (Unlock media Features + Mentions)

    BONUS 3 - Mystery Bonus (Priceless Growth Hacking Bonus)


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